Vigantol oil 10 ml 20000 IU vitamin d3/ml high dose cholecalciferol


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Vigantol oil 10 ml made by Merck

A very effective form of Vitamin D hormone supplement (cholecalciferol). Low levels of Vitamin D have been described to be associated with a higher risk of developing Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and it is known that up to 90% of patients with Multiple Sclerosis have Vitamin D deficiency.

20000 IU cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) in each ml (40 drops)

Vitamin D3 is the form of vitamin D called cholecalciferol. Cholecalciferol is the most widely known of the vitamin D series and is a fat soluble vitamin that is stored to some degree in the body. It is used as a dietary supplement, for the treatment of vitamin D deficiency.


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