Vigantol (Merck) 1000 IU x50 D3 vitamin colecalciferol


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The No. 1 vitamin D supplement  – over the counter at the pharmacy: VIGANTOL® 1000 I.E. has long been proven in the prevention of vitamin D deficiency as well as supportive treatment of osteoporosis and for the prevention of rickets. Good to know: Already half a tablet VIGANTOL® 1000 I.E. permanently and daily is sufficient in most cases, to prevent a vitamin D deficiency.


Vitamin D plays a central role in our health (eg bone health).

One single tablet contains 1000 I.U. (International Units) Vitamin D.

Origin of vitamin D3
For the currently available composition:

The active substance colecalciferol (vitamin D3) in VIGANTOL® 1000 I.E. Vitamin D3 tablets are derived from lanolin (wool fat), the sheep wool of live sheep. The vitamin D is therefore of natural (animal) origin.


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