Metavirulent 5×2 ml homeopathic antiviral – cold, flu recovery


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german homeopathic flu/cold relief preparation


Get fit faster when you have a cold

Sore throats, chills and dripping noses are harmless but annoying symptoms that announce a cold. Those who react quickly to the very first signs can mitigate the course of the infection or, in the best case, prevent the outbreak of the common cold. The combination preparation metavirulent® offers a natural and well-tolerated therapy to counteract the common cold.

Metavirulent® at a glance

  • Medicines with eight proven and coordinated homeopathic ingredients
  • To support the defense against infections and alleviate the symptoms of acute or chronic colds
  • Works best when taken early
  • Gluten free and suitable for vegetarians
  • Exclusively in your pharmacy

metavirulent® – ingredients

The reach into the homeopathic pharmacy

A cold has several phases and lasts about ten days. The first symptoms can appear as early as two days after infection – this is typically fatigue or a slight scratching in the throat, combined with chills.

If you react quickly to the very first signs with the combination preparation metavirulent® , you can alleviate cold symptoms or, in the best case, even prevent the complete onset of the common cold.

The 8-way combination

metavirulent® contains seven active ingredients that are specifically aimed at the typical symptoms of a cold such as runny nose, headache and body aches, fatigue and fever. In addition and as a special feature, according to homeopathic understanding, the Influencinum nosode promotes the strengthening of the body’s defenses.

Active substances to relieve the cold symptoms according to homeopathic understanding

  • Sponge cucumber: runny nose
  • Iron phosphate and aconite: inflammation and fever
  • Right-turning lactic acid: feeling tired and tired of the muscles
  • Yellow jasmine: headache and body aches
  • White germer: poor circulation
  • Yellow gentian: indigestion and regeneration
… and additionally metavirulent® contains the Influencinum nosode as a specialty for immune stimulation and infection control.

Ingredients of metavirulent® and their areas of application

Latin name

German name

Area of ​​application according to Commission D

Acidum L (+) - lacticum Right-turning lactic acid

Acidum L (+) – lacticum

Clockwise lactic acid

muscle pain

Aconitum napellus Blue monkshood

Aconitum napellus

Blue monkshood

Highly acute inflammatory


Ferrum phosphoricum iron III phosphate

Ferrum phosphoricum

Iron III phosphate

Feverish, inflammatory

Respiratory system disorders

Gelsemium sempervirens Yellow jasmine

Gelsemium sempervirens

Yellow jasmine

A headache;

Infectious diseases

Gentiana lutea yellow gentian

Gentiana lutea

Yellow gentian


Influencinum nosode Autoclaved preparation from influenza A and B.

Influencinum nosode

Autoclaved preparation

from influenza A and B

Gripal infect

Luffa operculata sponge cucumber

Loofah operculata

Sponge cucumber

Runny nose, hay fever

Veratrum album White Germer

Veratrum album

White hellebore

White germer

Impending circulatory failure

for infectious diseases

When is metavirulent® taken?

metavirulent® works best if it is used at the first sign of a flu-like infection. But also in the further course of the cold and in the case of chronically recurring complaints, the cold agent can have a deep broad effect and thus rapid relief from the symptoms.

metavirulent® – patient experience

“A great product, I can’t describe it any other way. I had long complaints with recurring colds. Since I’ve been taking it regularly, they have been getting better and better. A regular intake is absolutely worth it in my opinion! Thumbs up!”

“I’ve been taking metavirulent® since I was a child. If there is a cold, 10 drops every hour. As soon as it gets better, only three times a day. Always helps me well and quickly. “

“The drops are taken out at the first sign of a cold. Then take it two days and you feel noticeably better, have the feeling that until now no cold has had a chance with me. Thanks to metavirulent® 🙂 “

“These drops belong firmly in our medicine chest because they have saved us many times. When something comes flying to us, the whole family takes the drops. They taste terrible, but even the children take them. “

“With this great complex remedy, we have already caught many diseases in the early stages and cured flu infections. Metavirulent offers quick help in a natural way! Must not go out with us and has been bought very often! Clearly: buy recommendation! “


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