B12 1000 mcg DIBENCOZIDE MAGNUM 100 caps – the best form of oral b12, ATP production



Dibencozide Magnum 1000 mcg – 100 caps

B12 as 5-deoxy-5-adenosylcobalamin – the most biologically active form of vitamin b12.

B12 does not only play a very important role in the red blood cell formation, it is also anabolic and it is involved in the ATP production.

Non-steroidal metabolic factor acting as a biostimulator in the process of protein synthesis in ribosomes. It takes part in the synthesis of methionine from homocysteine ​​and in the synthesis of thymidine. It occurs as a factor transferring hydrogen atoms in the synthesis of nucleic acids and in transmethylation reactions.

The agent is also recommended for people who do not train systematically, but only want to improve their figure in a short time. Dibencozide Magnum increases the appetite of people who are underweight. Barker published information on the isolation of “Coenzyme B12” from bacteria. This orange substance turned out to be very sensitive to light and, under the influence of light, decomposed to form aquacobalamin. The structure of coenzyme B12 was established in 1961 on the basis of the results of X-ray analysis. It was also found that the adenosyl group of coenzyme B12 is attached to the cobalt atom via the C-5′-deoxyribose carbon atom. This substance was named adenosylcobalamin (AdoCbl). The nature of the binding (Co-C) explains the sensitivity of adenosylcobalamin (AdoCbl) to light and explains why, during the first attempts to extract from natural products, not coenzyme B12, but vitamin B12 itself was obtained. , in states of malnutrition, growth retardation, vitamin B12 deficiency and pernicious anemia. In neurology, in the treatment of radicular pain syndromes, inflammation of the sciatic nerve, neuropathy and neuralgia. Later, due to its anabolic effects, it began to be used in sports supplementation, especially in strength disciplines. The action of dibencozide in practice was tested in Poland in 2001 at the Protogen-Medicum Center. Biological functions and mechanism of action: Adenosine cocobalamin is one of the few substances used in bodybuilding supplementation, the action of which is described in detail by pharmaceutical sources. According to of the lexicon “Drugs of modern therapy” adenosine cobalamin “has an anabolic and analgesic effect, increases appetite and causes weight gain”. Specific biochemical reactions involving cobalamin coenzymes can be divided into two groups, one of which is the one requiring the presence of 5′-adenosylcobalamin (AdoCbl-dibencozide). The conversion of the appropriate cobalamin (e.g. cyanocobalamin) into the coenzymatic form is an enzymatic process and takes place with the participation of coenzyme B12 synthetase. Attachment of the 5′-deoxyadenosyl moiety to the cobalt atom of cobalamin is preceded by a reduction, as a result of which the cobalt becomes monovalent (Co1 +). The giver of deoxyadenosine is ATP. This reaction takes place in the presence of a diol or dithiol and reduced flavin or reduced ferrodoxin.


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