Guna low dose growth factors: NGF nerve growth factor neurotrophic support 30 ml



GUNA® NGF nerve growth factor – low dose growth factors from Italy

GUNA® NGF (Nervous Growth Factor) 4CH Drops 30 ml. is a homeopathic medicine, formulated based on homeopathic growth factor at low physiological doses, indicated as neurotrophic support: it activates inflammation cells; growth of the nervous system.

GUNA® NGF 4CH Drops 30 ml. is indicated in case of:

• Degeneration of the nervous tissue.
• Severe depression. Multiple sclerosis (in association with Medulla Spinalis Suis Injeel forte). Diseases of the CNS.
• neuralgic pains.
• memory disorders.
• mood disturbances.
• skin thinning and skin ulcers.
• loss of strength in the limbs, fatigue.
• sadness and loss of interest.

NGF (Nervous Growth Factor) is a small signal protein involved in the development of the nervous system: it directs and regulates the growth of axons, through cellular signaling mechanisms, it is also produced in regenerative moments for this reason it is very useful in the early stages of embryonic development. the creation of the brain.

Principles of low dose medicine (growth factors, cytokines, hormones etc)

Low Dose Medicine was born from the dream of a medicine centered on the Person and in harmony with Nature. It originated from the combination of Molecular Biology and Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology (PNEI). It was developed thanks to the results of research in the field of low dose Pharmacology.

Low Dose Medicine is based on three guiding principles:

  • Addresses the human being and not just the disease.
  • Act on the causes and not just on the symptoms.
  • Consider the human being as a mind-body unit and in her/his individuality.

This is an ancient and wise concept, which comes from the homeopathic tradition, but it is also very up-to-date.

From the second half of the Eighties, in fact, the development of the concepts expressed by the Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology resulted in a change of perspective in the interpretation of the biological functions of the human body and its diseases, shifting from organicism (each disease affects a single organ or tissue) to the cellular network, until recognizing the importance of continuous dialogue – cross talk – between cells, organs and systems both in physiological and pathological conditions (every disease is the result of a lack of communication between the cells of different Systems).

Starting from these assumptions, pharmacological research has been focusing on the role played by special biological molecules, thus paving the way for what could have been a new therapeutic solution, i.e., the use of the same organic molecules as medicaments to restore the original physiological conditions in a sick body.

This is our future. These special biological molecules are well known and studied by Molecular Biology, which defines them, not surprisingly, messenger molecules, i.e., substances that can the give “proper instructions” to the body cells to contribute to their good function…

These molecules are neuropeptideshormonesand cytokines.

In addition to the above mentioned molecules there are also growth factors, basic molecules that regulate and stimulate tissues.

They are the “words” used by the cells to communicate with each other.

For many years, the use of these substances as medicaments has been the dream of scientists and physicians. No Medicine can be more effective than a Medicine that uses physiological substances, i.e., those substances involved in bodily functions. No Medicine can be more “organic” and safe than a Medicine that follows the rules of nature.

Nevertheless, the rules of Nature are very strict: the messenger molecules, through which the cells exchange information so as to make any biological mechanism perfectly efficient, act properly if their concentration is physiological, and yet this concentration is very low.

The pharmaceutical technology developed and standardized in Guna Laboratories, called SKA (Sequential Kinetic Activation) has made it possible to “duplicate” this specific concentration and incorporate the molecules that guide our body’s vital functions into medicaments. These molecules are able to restore the body’s physiological conditions and can “repair” damage.

In a few words: they can repair and restore.

Note: homotoxicological medicine provides that all drugs base their action on three laws: Synergy, Complementarity, Completeness of action. The active ingredients are synergistic with each other. Heel preparations, antihomotoxic medicines made following the principles of Hahnemann’s homeopathy and the homotoxicological knowledge of Dr. Reckeweg, are mostly homeopathic associations (called Antihomotoxika) and may contain active ingredients of both vegetable and mineral origin. Anti-homotoxic medicine is a special form of homeopathy which is based on detoxification of the organism by causing a reaction of the body itself to the harmful elements (Homotoxine) introduced from the external environment.

How to use:

it is recommended to take 15-20 drops 2 times a day with therapy cycles of at least 2 months, which can be repeated, preferably after an interval of 15 days of Suspension. In acute pathologies the therapy continues until the symptomatology remission. Sometimes you can opt for attack therapy with 10 drops every 20 minutes for a maximum of 2 hours.

In chronic pathologies we proceed with cycles of therapy of at least 2 months, which can be repeated, preferably after an interval of 15 days of suspension.

Pour in a small amount of water, sip slowly and hold in your mouth before swallowing.


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