pentoxifylline (Trental) 5 ml amp 100 mg circulatory aid


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1x 5ml Chinotal amp with 100 mg pentoxyfilline

General info:

Pentoxifylline increases red blood cell deformability, reduces blood viscosity and decreases the potential for platelet aggregation and thrombus formation. Used to treat high altitude sickness, asthma, circulatory problems. It work synergistic with piracetam (Nootropil) and it is used in the treatment of hearing problems.

It is a member of xanthine family, similar to caffeine and is a potent PDE inhibitor, thus it helps burning fat, it is used in mesotherapy as an additive to a fat burning cocktail, works well with Lipostabil, l-carnitine mix.
Effect: As a vasodilator it improves blood flow through blood vessels and therefore helps with blood circulation in the arms and legs. Used for neuropathic injuries and it also helps prevent strokes, can be used in managing sickle cell anemia and improves blood flow to the brain. In the lungs, pentoxifylline inhibits TNF-alpha production from human alveolar macrophages. It is competitive nonselective phosphodiesterase inhibitor which raises intracellular cAMP, activates PKA, inhibits TNF-alpha and leukotriene synthesis, and reduces inflammation and innate immunity, nonselective adenosine receptor antagonist.
Use: (oral) 400 mg SR 1-3 times daily. Interactions: anti-coagulants, theophylline. Pentoxifylline and sodium thiopental causes death by acute pulmonary oedema in rats. Nausea, hypotension.

Sports Performance: Reportedly used orally 1-3 times daily to cope with elevated hematocrit level. Possibly increases oxygen transport and delivery to muscles and within aveoli of lung. Mild blood thinner and vasodilator.
Because diuretics thicken the blood, l recommend Trental and Ticlid as insurance against a blood aggregation disaster. Trental differs from Ticlid in that Trental makes red blood cells more flexible and slippeiy which allows blood to continue to flow even when hematocrit is stupidly high. It would be nice if bodybuilders didn’t need to use these drugs, but strong diuretics are part of top male bodybuilding contests. Trental won’t impart any better cosmetic “look”. It’s insurance. A live, vertical competitor always looks better than a dead, horizontal one.

Aerobic sports: 1 amp 2 hours before race.

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