Lymphomyosot N 10×1.1 ml amp thyroid immune support T3 T4


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10x 1.1ml amps box

thyroid support, lymphatic drainage

for IM, IV, SC administration

Lymphomyosot is a homeopathic preparation which exerts the following types of activity lymph drainage, antiedemic, detoxification, immunomodulatory and anti inflammatory action.

It promotes metabolic processes and activates lymph outflow from the tissues resulting in elimination of toxic substances from the inter cellular space.
Indications: Lymphomyosot Ampoules are used to treat the following conditions:
  • Lymphadenopathy, mesenteric lymphadenitis.
  • Chronic tonsilitis.
  • Hypertrophy of amygdales and adenoid vegetations.
  • Tuberculates intoxication.
  • Immunodeficiency disorder.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Lymphohypoplastic diathesis
  • Diabetic polyneuropathy.
  • Elephantiasis, lymphatism, lymphatic edema.
  • Cardiac and kidney edema.
  • Complex treatment of malignant growth.

Contraindications and cautions

  • Do not use Lymphomyosot in hypersensitivity or allergy to its active ingredients.
  • Use this medication with in caution in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Lymphomyosot is one of Kathryn Jones’ Health Counselor’s favorite products for supporting the immune system. By keeping the lymphatic system operating more effectively, the body keeps up with reducing toxins. A clean running body keeps infections at bay.
Lymphomyosot reduces swelling and inflammation. Lymphomyosot has a clear cleansing effect wherever there is swelling, infection, pain. Safe and effective for all ages.
Lymphomyosot offer support when working with glandular concerns. Lymphomyosot is a wonderful support for the lymphatic system, for cleansing and detoxing the body.
Lymphomyosot is gentle, yet highly effective for swollen glands. Lymphomyosot is a synergistic blend and can be used for a variety of sluggish conditions and glandular dysfunction.
Use with other health modalities for viral infections. Lymphomyosot is beneficial for swollen tonsils. Use Lymphomyosot for edema.
If your family easily catches colds, flu, bronchitis, then keep on hand Lymphomyosot. Use for general malaise and fatigue.
Helpful for the seasonal illnesses that occur when the weather changes. “Regarding the Lymphomyosot, everyone I have shared this with, including myself, have marveled at how quickly and how well Lymphomyosot works to knock out a cough, cold and/or flu symptoms” Peggy T. SC.
Thank you to M. Johnson from CA for this testimonial, “Both my daughter & I have used Lymphomyosot before, and it helped us in so many ways. Both of us have Lymphedema…And in addition, I have had 2 Lung surgeries,…..have 1 lung, and it is compromised. The immune system stays low….I catch colds too easily, Bronchitis…Using this product, I found that the mucous was decreased significantly and I didn’t have as many colds. The Lymphatic system was aided, in that there was a decrease in swelling also”.
Kathryn Jones, Homeopathic Health Counselor, encourages use of Lymphomyosot along with our Bioplasma and Nuclear Radiation Balance to strengthen the immune system for current environmental concerns.
Lymphomyosot is a supportive blend offering a synergistic effect that is greater than the individual effect of a remedy to offer more complete support of the lymph system:
Geranium Robertianum 4X is used to relieve ulcerations, hemorrhages, uropathy, diarrhea.
Ferrum Iod 12X relieves edemas, glandular enlargement, emaciation.
Juglans Regia 3X is helpful for acne and other skin conditions, sharp occipital pain.
Scrophularia Nodosa 3X relieves swollen lymphatic glands, eczema of ear.
Myosotis Arvensis 3X is used to reduce excess mucus, bronchial cough, gagging and vomiting with cough, chronic bronchitis.
Teucrium Scorodonia 3X relieves chronic rhinitis & bronchitis-helpful for Bronchial catarrhs.
Veronica Beccabunga 3X relieves chronic bronchitis and dermatosis, pruritus..
Equisetum Hyemale 4X is beneficial for urinary system functions, such as sharp burning pain in urethra while urinating.
Fumaria Officinalis 4X prevents toxicity; blood purifier; improves; liver function, eczemas, hepatic disorders.
Natrum Sulphur 4X helps; constitutional improvement, water retention, asthma; symptoms worse in rainy weather.
Pinus Sylvestris 4X helps with emaciation; swelling of the body or mucus membranes, stiffness, cramps in calves.
Gentiana Lutea 5X a general health tonic; balances appetite, ravenous hunger, helps with poor appetite, nausea, stomach ache.
Aranea Diadema 6X is useful for sensitivity to weather changes, diarrhea.
Sarsaparilla 6X relieves urinary pain, gallstones, colic with backache, cystitis.
Calcarea Phos 12X helpful for anemia, joint stiffness & pain worse with weather change.
Thyroidinum 12X balances metabolism, promotes oxidation.
Nasturtium Aquaticum 4X benefits Liver and bladder conditions, gastric conditions, stomatitis.




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