IT Pharma L-carnitine 10% box of 10x 5 ml ampoule (Cardispan, Lcarn, Levocarnitine) EXP APRIL 2023


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L-Carnitine 10% BOX of 10x 5 ml sterile ampoules from IT Pharma, Spain

Fat burner, muscle recovery, anti-cellulite, skin smoother

Besides being a skin conditioning active ingredient it is also well known for its anti-cellulite properties, as well as a fat combustion booster.

L – Carnitine is like a fat (fatty acids) transporter since it helps to pass the Acyl-CoA into the mitochondrial matrix, which is supposed to be impermeable to Acyl-CoA. The process would be the next:

1. The enzyme carnitine palmitoyltransferase I (CPTI) from the external mitochondrial membrane eliminates the coenzyme A from the Acyl-CoA while attaches it to the L- Carnitine placed within the intermembrane space, producing Acyl Carnitine; the CoA remains free within the cellular cytoplasm in order to activate another fatty acid.

2. Then, a transporter protein know as translocase of the inner membrane, transfers the Acyl Carnitine to the z while the carnitine palmitoyltransferase II (CPTII) joints a CoA molecule from the fatty acid matrix, and therefore regenerating the Acyl-CoA.

3. L- Carnitine returns to the place between the membranes trough the transporter protein and reacts with the other Acyl-CoA, repeating the whole cycle.

L -Carnitine helps the degradation of the triglycerides within the mitochondrias and cellular organelles responsible of that trough the cellular transport.

This way the metabolism is boosted and the fat combustion generating heat over the area treated.

l_carnitine graph

Application: Apply the treatment to the parts of the body targeted where is present the cellulite and localized fatty spots within cold areas since it increases the basal metabolism generating an increase of the temperature.

Ingredients: l-carnitine, acqua


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