IT Pharma Cafeina 20% caffeine ampoules 20×2 ml


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Cafeina 20% 2ml by IT Pharma, Spain

20x 2 ml sterile ampoules

INGREDIENTS:  distilled water, caffeine 20%, sodium benzoate


Caffeine is a very powerful cAMP stimulating substance that promotes the movement of localized fat spots. It blocks the enzyme phosphodiesterase (PDE) which is responsible of cAMP destruction, which is a chemical mediator present during the triglycerides rupture.

The increased cAMP results in a lipolytic effect that dramatically reduces the fat spots, then we can appreaciate a smoothed skin without “holes”.

Besides its main effect, there are also some important toning and cleansing effects that improve the micro-circulation which consequence is the transport and drainage of metabolic waste.

The above reasons explain how caffeine use topically stimulates the metabolism boosting the fat combustion.

Apply the product over localized fatty spots (legs, abdomens, etc..), or non smoothed skin areas.

Administration: transdermal (vehicle solution, electroporation) or subcutaneous injections. Can be used in intramuscular or IV routes.

Caffeine is the strongest LEGAL ergogenic for athletic performance enhancement.

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