IT Pharma Phosphatidylcholine 5% (Lipostabil) box of 10×5 ml


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Phosphatidylcholine 5% with deoxycholate (Lipostabil)


box of 10 x 5 ml sterile ampoules

The best lipolytic, localized fat burner NATURAL substance

Administration: transdermal with virtual mesotherapy (electroporation) or with subcutaneous micro injections

Phosphatidylcholine /deoxycholate complex, (250 mg  5% and 2% 125 mg deoxycholate) also known as PCDC or lipostabil, is administered through a series of micro-injections to permanently dissolve the fat. Over time, fat cells expand where we least want them, around our middle, the buttocks, thighs, arms, or chin. To dissolve these pockets of fat, PCDC micro-injections are delivered into the targeted treatment areas. The fat cells absorb the PCDC and become slightly inflamed, then harden. The hardened fat cells break down within a few weeks leading to measurable inch loss. At this point, the fat cell no longer exists and has been permanently removed from the body. With multiple treatments, the end result is a smooth, natural look in the area that is treated. Each person is born with a certain number of fat cells (adipocytes) and after adolescence will not develop more. PCDC will dissolve fat permanently in the area of treatment, leaving only a thin layer of cells. If a person gains weight, the fat cells located in the non-treated areas (including the deep visceral fat) will naturally get larger. PCDC has been used since the 1950s and has been utilized for cosmetic purposes since the mid 90s

The main ingredient in the formula is phosphatidylcholine (PC), a lipid. It is dissolved in deoxycholate, When injected or absorbed through the skin around unwanted superficial body fat, it  breaks down fat cells and “digests fat”.

In the subcutaneous area the dead fat cells are then gradually removed by the body’s physiologic repair mechanisms, the same way as after any trauma or even after liposuction which leaves dead fat cells in the area to be removed by similar physiologic processes.

Phosphatidylcholine taken orally also helps remove hardened fat plaque from organs and arteries and is a significant dietary source of essential fatty acids.

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