Solcoseryl 20g ointment (as actovegin) tube wounds burns ulcers skin care, regeneration


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Solcoseryl 20 g ointment tube

for effective treatment of wounds, ulcers and skin care

Solcoseryl activates metabolism in tissues. It also decreases tissue’s hypoxia , improves trophicity and stimulates the process of regeneration. Actovegin increases not only the intracellular content of glucose, but also improves oxidizing metabolism, therefore the energy of the cell is improved, the blood circulation in brain is also improved.

Solcoserly Ointment promotes healing of dry wounds. Its particularly suitable for minor burns and abrasions. It is used in combination with jelly for deep, poorly healing wounds to protect the newly formed skin.This reduces the healing time.

Solcoseryl is popular, inexpensive and affordable. Many of those who had injuries of any kind from burns to animal bites are already familiar with this product and even keep it in their medicine chest for unforeseen cases. Before talking about the results of the use of Solcoseryl in cosmetic procedures, it is worthwhile to understand its composition, the principle of action and find out how safe and effective Solcoseryl is for the face. Solcoseryl – one of the strongest regenerating agents There are several forms of release of this drug: solutions for intravenous and intramuscular use, ointment and gel.

The main active substance is concentrated hemodialysis, the raw material for which is the blood of healthy calves of a young age, and distilled water or white petrolatum is used as a diluent base. The manufacturer immediately declares the multiplicity of effects of the drug: wound healing, antihypoxic, membrane stabilizing and regenerating.

The latter is of interest not only to doctors, but also to cosmetologists, since the problems of restoration and rejuvenation of the skin of the face are perhaps the most popular request in beauty parlors. Attempts to use Solcoseryl in masks are due to the clinically proven properties of the drug prescribed in the annotation, which cannot but arouse interest in a person who is seriously engaged in his appearance. In addition, for those who tried to use Solcoseryl ointment, the face ointment is positive to admired. Ointment and gel not only contribute to enhanced oxygen enrichment of cells, which is the most important condition for skin rejuvenation, but also accelerate and increase the production of collagen responsible for elasticity and tone. Those who tried Solcoseryl as a drug for the treatment of thermal and chemical burns had the opportunity to observe these processes live.

A few hours after applying the composition to the affected area that has lost skin, the surface of the wound is tightened with a thin film, and literally a day later a new skin begins to form. The same effect is observed in the treatment of stretch marks, open wounds and those associated with pregnancy and feeding “female” injuries.

Use of Solcoseryl in masks and face lotions For cosmetic procedures, a cream or gel is used, with preference being given to the first form. This is due to the pharmacological properties of the compositions: the gel has a strong constricting and drying effect, therefore it is not suitable for thin and damaged skin. Its use is possible only on pathologically oily skin and preferably in a diluted state. The cream is made on the basis of cosmetic white petroleum jelly, so it will optimally lie even on dry and age skin without causing discomfort during and after use. Do not apply Solcoseryl formulations to the area around the eyes where the skin is most sensitive and easily susceptible to allergens.

Indications for use Solcoseryl for the face

About Solcoseryl facial ointment, reviews say the following: increases skin tone; improves color and returns blush; removes peeling; reduces tightness and reactions to “hard water”; smoothes wrinkles; restores cover after treatment of acne, cuts, etc. The visual effect of the drug is compared with courses of mesotherapy, although the principle of action is completely different.

Solcoseryl for the face:


The uniqueness of this drug lies in the fact that there are no contraindications to it other than an allergy specifically to the ointment itself, which is rare. This is one of the few products made on the basis of biological components, therefore, it is safely prescribed for pregnant and lactating women. The use of medicines for cosmetic purposes has been practiced for a long time and very successfully. Many women in search of a “beauty medicine” undergo painful, expensive procedures, such as Botox injections. In addition to radical measures, there is a drug Solcoseryl for wrinkles. A cure for post-acne and other skin lesions will help. Solcoseryl for the face is applicable both as an independent tool and as part of masks. Its direct purpose is wound healing. The beneficial substances Solcoseryl, aimed at the regeneration of cells, are secreted from the blood of newborn calves. Instructions for use Solcoseryl from wrinkles Solcoseryl preparations are produced in ampoules for injection, in the form of a gel or ointment for topical application. There are forms of dental paste, jelly and tablets. Before use, it is important to familiarize yourself with the annotation, conduct a test (to study an allergic reaction). By type of facial skin, ointment (for dry) or gel (for oily) is used. The composition of Solcoseryl does not include antibacterial substances. It is necessary to additionally cleanse the skin with other means.

The use of Solcoseryl in facial cosmetology

Modern medicine has a wide selection of rejuvenation products. Acting at the cellular level, Solcoseryl has a similar effect with injections of hyaluronic acid. The substance repairs damage, gives elasticity, promotes renewal and evens out skin texture. These properties allow you to use Solcoseryl as a professional remedy for wrinkles. The therapeutic effect of the drug: improves penetration of oxygen and nutrients into cells in case of their deficiency; enhances blood circulation in the upper layers of the skin; regenerates the epidermis; activates collagen synthesis; promotes the growth of new cells, blood vessels. The main method of use in cosmetic procedures was a mask with Solcoseryl anti-wrinkle: it is applied 2-3 times a week. Apply it to cleaned, preferably steamed face skin with a layer of 1 mm, leave for an hour. The mask may include ointment, gel or ampoule solution Solcoseryl, vitamins A and E, essential oils, aloe juice. After a month’s course of such procedures, inflammation and bumps disappear. The skin looks younger, toned, wrinkles are smoothed. With an individual selection of the drug, the pros and cons of drug forms are taken into account.

It perfectly moisturizes and protects, restores a sense of comfort, improves the supply of oxygen to cells. The ointment is used simultaneously with Dimexide. This is necessary for maximum results. Means “Dimexide” facilitates the absorption of active ingredients, providing tissue nutrition from the inside, has an antiseptic property. The recipe for such a mask is very simple:

5 ml of “Dimexidum” dilute with 50 ml of pure water; with a solution, wipe the skin several times in a row; after the procedure, apply “Solcoseryl” ointment with an even layer about 1 mm thick; rinse off the mask with water after an hour; it is not forbidden to apply the product at night, but it is necessary to lubricate the face with a thin layer.

Solcoseryl ampoules are intended for intravenous or intramuscular administration in case of serious diseases, but it is also possible to treat the face skin with a liquid solution or to include nourishing masks. It is an excellent activator of metabolism in tissues. The drug acts like a gel, but does not contain viscous components, does not give the feeling of a “mask”, does not spread. Analogue “Solcoseryl” has a peculiar smell, therefore, if its use causes unpleasant sensations, or an allergic reaction to the components, it is worth using one of the product’s analogues: Preparations of the “Actovegin” type have an identical composition and effect on the skin. They have no characteristic smell. Ointment “Levomikol” together with the regenerating one will have an antimicrobial effect, as it contains an antibiotic. Vitamin A-based products – Radevit and Retisol – receive excellent reviews from cosmetologists in the fight against wrinkles. Contraindications During the use of Solcoseryl anti-wrinkle preparations, side effects such as burning, redness or swelling may occur. This means you need to stop using the product. Pregnancy, lactation, childhood and adolescence is not a strict contraindication. Application is undesirable, but is allowed on the recommendation of a doctor. It is not recommended to apply Solcoseryl too often and in large quantities.










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