Restylane Refyne (ex-Emervel classic) 1 ml dermal filler


Restylane Refyne 1 ml hyaluronic acid dermal filler

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Restylane Refyne 1 ml

WHAT IS Restylane Refyne?

As skin loses elasticity with age, the lines that run from the sides of your nose toward the corners of your mouth (nasolabial folds) and the lines that run from the corners of your mouth toward the chin (marionette lines) appear more noticeable. Restylane Refyne is a specifically formulated hyaluronic acid dermal filler made with XpresHAn TechnologyTM that helps correct these lines for a more natural look to your face.3,4 The unique cross-linking of the gel in Restylane Refyne is also designed to help support your natural expression—for real-life results that help maintain natural movement when you’re smiling, frowning and even puckering up.1,2

When choosing a method of rejuvenation, patients first of all evaluate its safety for their health, as well as how natural the result will be. Excessive volumization of lips have been out of trend for a long time.

To correct age-related changes and obtain a result that is as close as possible to natural, Swiss firm “Galderma” has developed an effective hyaluronic acid filler EMERVEL CLASSIC – the first name of the drug that has been popular in Europe since 2010. In 2017, the manufacturer announced the merger of its two brands RESTYLANE and EMERVEL under the general name RESTYLANE.

Biocorrector is a soft plastic gel with a hyaluronic acid concentration of 20 mg/ml. The preparation includes lidocaine 0.3% – a local anesthetic. The filler is placed in a disposable syringe. The kit also includes two ultrathin-bone needles 30G. RESTYLANE REFYNE (EMERVEL CLASSIC) with 0.3% LIDOCAINE is intended for injections into the middle and deep layers of the dermis.

RESTYLANE REFYNE (EMERVEL CLASSIC) with 0.3% LIDOCAINE has the following indications for its applying:

  • Smoothing of nasolabial folds
  • Elimination of wrinkles and circles around the eyes
  • Correction of earlobes
  • Increase the volume and shape of the lip contour.
  • In the production of all gels that previously belonged to the EMERVEL brand line, “Optimal Balance Technology” is used. Depending on the area that is subject to correction, and the degree of expression of age-related changes, gels with different amounts of intermolecular bonds are used. So, to smooth out fine wrinkles, gels with low density are provided, to form a facial skeleton – thick, with a large number of cross-links between the particles of the hyaluronic acid.The main advantage of the biocorrector RESTYLANE REFYNE (EMERVEL CLASSIC) with 0.3% LIDOCAINE is its plasticity. The agent is easily injected into the skin layers and evenly distributed. It does not form lumps and irregularities. After the procedure, you can smile, frown and wrinkle face. Patients do not feel uncomfortable with active facial expressions.Their face looks natural as if no cosmetic manipulations were performed at all, while the effect of the procedure lasts for 6-9 months (sometimes up to a year – the duration of the result depends on the individual characteristics of the patient, age and lifestyle).


before + after

These images are unretouched photographs of actual patients who have used Restylane Refyne to achieve natural-looking results.


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