Currently available: Laennec placenta




Cell therapy with nucleotides and growth factors (FGF, KGF, stem cell factor, Fibronectin, HGF, etc.)

7×2 ml

READ THIS article about the growth factors identified in human placenta

Anti-bacterial, Immunotropic / Wound Healer, Tissue / Vascular regenerator, Anti-inflammatory, Skin whitening, Rejuvenating, Tissue regenerating, Skin smoothing, Increased oxygen uptake and endurance, stamina

1-2 amps weekly recommended as an anti-age therapy

Each ml. of Placentrex is derived from 0.1 gm. of fresh term, sterilized, infection-free human placenta. Total Nitrogen content not more than 0.08% Preservative Benzyl Alcohol I P 1.5% w/v.
DNA, RNA, Nucleotides, Amino Acids, Peptides in natural form.

Placenta has been accepted as an immunologically privileged organ (graft rejection rare in pregnancy). Moreover, Polydeoxy Ribonucleotide (PDRN) present in Placental extract possesses anti-inflammatory effect. PDRN also helps release of growth factor from Platelets thus inviting Fibrinogenesis and Collagenesis.

It also promotes neovascularisation and epithelialisation and thus exerts excellent wound healing properties.

PDRN also possesses an immunomodulatory action.


Anti-inflammatory: Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases and Ectopic pregnancy
Wound healing: Bedsores, Diabetic Ulcer/Non-Healing ulcer/Varicose Ulcer, Post surgical wound repair in Caesarian sections,Hysterectomy, Oophorectomy.


Placentrex provides stimulating effect on cell renewal of  the epidermis on the entire body, by promoting the formation of new blood vessels, and nerves, thus leading to healthy looking skin. Skin will appear young and vibrant.

1. Physical and physic fatigue. Placentrex helps to improve a general lack of vitality, concentration, eyesight and mental weakness.

2. Placentrex helps to prevent and regulate problems associated with aging such as high blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, gastric ulcers, migraine, blood circulation and arthritis.

3. Premature aging and wear of different organs brain, heart, lungs, lver, kidneys and digestive system. Placentrex promotes tissue respiration.

4. Placentrex stimulates normal growth, regenerates and accelerates repair, of aged or injured muscle, skin, collagen, bone cartilage and nerve tissue.

5. Epidermal problems, such as wrinkles, decolorization, pigmentation, eye-bags and dull skin tone.

6. Anemia. Placentrex helps normalize blood characteristics.

7. After surgery, Placentrex promotes wound healing and reduces recovery time.

8.After effects of illness, Placentrex helps replenish nutrients required by your body.

9. Menopausal syndrome, Placentrex is proven to be highly effective for women in their mid 40’s, approaching menopause. Placentrex reduces the pain and changes associated menopause.

10. Patients undergoing chemotherapy for cancer treatment. Placentrex helps to improve physical fatigue, loss of appetite and immune system.


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