Princess Lift PDO basic facelift tensor thread lift threads 29G – 50 mm hilos tensores x50


Princess Lift PDO basic lifting threads tensors thread lift


Princess Lift PDO basic

50 threads of PDO facelift  29G Р50 mm

CROMA offers a range of high quality tensor threads. They consist of polydioxanone (PDO) which is reabsorbed after collagen proliferation has been stimulated by fibroblasts: PDO Basic 29 G-50 mm. CROMA tensor threads support tissue and stimulate collagen. They help reshape the face and regain the elasticity of the skin. This simple and reliable technique of lifting by threads allows to obtain natural and remarkable results on the face and the body.

What is thread tissue elevation?

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This is a new, innovative technique, which offers the benefit of a non-surgical intervention and therefore, it only requires a short period of recuperation. The material consists of biodegradable threads that have long been used in surgery. During this procedure, threads are inserted into the deeper connective tissues. They attach themselves in the subcutaneous tissue and if positioned properly they create a tension into the desired direction. This creates a mild stretch of the subcutaneous tissue and the skin, which is firmed up after a few days by the natural increase in connective tissue (fibrosing).

Local anaesthesia is used for the treatment and the threads are absorbed after a certain time depending on the material. Additional threads can be placed at any time.


  • less stress compared to conventional face
    tissue elevation
  • no visible scars
  • generally very quick healing
  • little treatment time (approx. 15 to 40 minutes)
  • low risk of pain and inflammation
  • result is seen immediately after the

The quality and technology of the Ultra Thin Wall needle allows for easy, atraumatic and painless treatment with no downtime required.

In addition, the production line of the products is automated and meets the highest safety and quality requirements. PDO Basic is a CE marked Class III medical device.

PDO Basic 29 G-50mm is a polydioxanone based suture used for skin rejuvenation and localized firming of the face and body.


Firming of the skin of the face and body.
Face reshaping
Rejuvenation of the periorbital area
Correction of fine lines and wrinkles
Lip contour correction
Firming of the internal part of the neck
Personalized applications (treatment for muscles lipolysis, acupuncture)
Body contouring
Cellulite reduction

What’s in the box
Ultra Thin Wall Needles 29 G – 50 mm

50 PDO 70 mm 6-0 usp wires:

5 units / steripack
5 steripack / bag
2 bags / box


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