Fillmed (Filorga) M-HA 18 1 ml hyaluronic acid for fine wrinkles new packaging



Fillmed (Filorga) M-HA 18

is formulated with 18mg/ml of highly cross-linkedhyaluronic acid.
Hyaluronic acid is a major component of skin where it is involved in repairing damage.Age and exposure to UVB rays degrade hyaluronic acid production and have a detrimentaleffect on its continued production. Scientific research has shown that the main componentof M-HA 18 is also necessary for collagen production and is integral to the natural skinhydration process.The medical community is administering hyaluronic acid at an ever increasing rate to aid intissue repair and achieve anti-aging results. M-HA 18 uses highly purified hyaluronic acidwhich is obtained through bio-fermentation with no animal origins, resulting in perfectbiocompatibility.

Using the FillMed MHA 18

Filling fine lines and wrinkles
Micro-filling of fine lines or wrinkles – For example: around the mouth and/or eyes.
Re-densification of the skin layer to prevent any appearance of wrinkles.
Intense hydration for skin lacking hydration
Improved elasticity and tone of the skin.
Improving the luminosity of the complexion

Target areas

Most areas of the face
The neckline part
The back of the hands
The neck

Description of FillMed MHA 18

Why FillMed MHA 18?
Choosing MHA 18 from FILLMED laboratories means opting for the safety of a recognized brand: its hyaluronic acid is now designed using advanced biotechnology, the gels are purified in successive and rigorous stages and its origin is guaranteed 100%. % France.

Its application is simple and gentle, in particular thanks to the smooth texture of the gel, which also allows natural retention by the skin. After injection, wrinkles fade to give birth to a young face, a look that looks more like you.

FillMed MHA 18 Results

The results are apparent as soon as the injection is administered. Namely, the absorption by the body of the gel of FILLMED products is done gradually. This is how the results obtained do not remain permanently and therefore allow you to vary your appearance as you wish!

The effects last 3 to 6 months. This hyaluronic acid-based filler is often administered as a cure spread over 3 to sometimes 6 sessions, spaced out by a week or more on average.

For a sublimated effect, it is sometimes recommended to use this product in combination with other filler injections (with a higher volumizing effect) and/or mesotherapy such as NCTF 135 or NCTF 135 HA from Filorga.

Composition of the FillMed MHA 18

HA concentration: 18 mg/mL
Glycerol concentration: 20mg/mL
2 needles of 30G1/2
1 pre-filled syringe


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