Definisse Restore 1 ml (w/ lidocaine) new XTR technology Relife / Menarini group


Definisse Restore 1 ml (w/ lidocaine) high g-prime dermal filler with XTR technology

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Definisse Restore 1 ml (w/ lidocaine)

Definisse – the latest filler on the European circuit

Breakthrough innovation in one of the largest aesthetic medicine markets (hyaluronic acid filler).

High elastic modulus (G prime) = deep injection for tissue support = volumizing filler with excellent projection even for small amounts injected.

  • Correction of deep wrinkles, restoration of volumes and redefinition of contours.
  • Crosslinking rate: 2/3
  • Injection depth: Deep dermis or subcutaneous
  • HA concentration 23 mg / ml
  • Lidocaine concentration 0.3%
  • XTR Technology Cross-linking Technology
  • Needles supplied 2 x 27G 1/2 “
  • Packaging 1×1 ml

Italian pharmaceutical company Menarini Group has launched Definisse threads, fillers and peels by ReLife.

According to the company, the Definisse peel range offers a choice of oily and dry skin pre-peels, classic or lightening peels and a neutralising buffer to use following the peel.

Menarini explains that Definisse Threads use a combination poly lactic acid/caprolactone and have bidirectional and convergent barbs that aim to stimulate the body’s fibroblasts to synthesise the extracellular matrix and collagen in the skin. The Free Floating Threads are designed for use in the cheek, the Double Needle Threads for the eyebrow and lower jaw, and the Ancourage Threads are to be inserted into the mid-face.

The Definisse Filler range comes in four different variations: the Definisse Core Filler for shaping and building facial contours; Definisse Restore Filler for medium lines and wrinkles; Definisse Touch Filler for fine lines; and Definisse Hydrating Filler for treating the superficial dermal tissue.

Relife Definisse filler product line


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