A313 pommade retinol retin-a alternative anti-aging cream with 200.000 IU vitamin A 50 g tube


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A313 50 g tube with 200.000 IU strength of retinol 

We are adding this product to our catalogue with limited supplies to begin with. The manufacturer in France has recently raised the price.

According to many, this pomade brings you even better anti-wrinkle effects than the well known Retin-A (prescription) cream that is widely used for many years as an anti-aging cream due to its impressive effectiveness in smoothing out wrinkles.

The A313 ointment is recommended as a local adjunctive treatment for irritant dermatitis. A 313 is a skin protector

Administration mode:
Dermal. Topical application.

Apply locally 1 to 2 times a day.

The active substance is (per 100 g of cream):
Synthetic vitamin A (concentrate) – oily form 200,000 IU

The other components are:
Macrogol 400, macrogol 4000, polysorbate 80.


This medication is in the form of an ointment. 50 g tube.
50 g in tube (Aluminum coated with an epoxyphenolic interior varnish) closed by a stopper (Polypropylene)

Precautions for use

For external use only. Do not swallow.
The risk of hypervitaminosis A cannot be excluded in the case of prolonged application.
Systemic effects (risk of hypervitaminosis) are all the more to be feared as the ointment is applied repeatedly, over a large area, under occlusion or in a thick layer, on injured skin (in particular burned), on a mucous membrane, premature skin and in infants and young children due to the surface / weight ratio and the spontaneous occlusion effect due to folds and layers at the seat.
Do not store above 25 ° C.


· History of hypersensitivity to any of the components.
· Infected dermatoses.
Oozing dermatoses.


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