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Payment issues & information

We had some changes in the payment gateway in the past month. You are billed in US dollars in the future (unlike GBP in the past). If your payment is declined, your order status will be set to ‘failed’ and you will get a notification.


Dear customers,

as you all know for the past years we have never really updated our prices. Recent times, the US dollar has reached a remarkably low value against the Euro, meaning a price difference of up to 25% on some products of European origin.

Unfortunately, as of MARCH 2018, we are forced to adjust the prices of many products. Expected increase on the selected products is going to between 5-15%. When the US dollar gets stronger again, we will adjust the prices again, accordingly.

For the few days left in February, you can place your orders and pay the previous price.

Thank you all for your long time support and understanding!


Visa/Mastercard debit and credit cards are accepted again. Please be aware that your total is charged in pounds sterling equivalent at the daily exchange rate so you might see a few cents of difference on your statement. (we are talking cents, not dollars).

Now we are processing cards with a third party processor, but in most cases you have to confirm the transaction at a secure link out of our domain, this is for your own security and also to further reduce fraud.

We do still accept bank wire, (via IBAN in Europe, or electronic-ACH in the USA or Zelle) and Bitcoin of course. As always, returning customers whose trust we have already gained, can pay with Western Union or Moneygram.

IMPORTANT information to all of our US partners regarding tracking: since late 2015, it came to our understanding that this is due to tightened security measures that can relate to the Paris attacks. USPS tracking system for the shipments also don’t work, as the US stopped sharing information with the EU. Please be aware that shipping times are longer than before. This is beyond us, we cannot promise the formerly expected 8 business days delivery until this issue is resolved. Thanks for understanding.

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