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Anti-aging / Rejuvenation / Sports medicine / Mesotherapy / Research substances product list 2020

Nicetile acetyl l-carnitine 500 mg inj. 5 amp/box

AAPE human adipose stem cell hair regrowth treatment / skin repair

Tesamorelin GH secretagogue peptide

Thymalin thymic peptides 

Prostatilen peptides for prostate

Neoton phopshocreatine IV

Iscucin/iscador mistletoe therapy (anti-tumor)

Solcoseryl wound healing gel

ATP inj 1%

Essentiale N phosphatidylcholine with deoxycholate for IV (lipostabil)


Tationil glutathione

CORTEXIN 10 mg amino acids, vitamins & minerals with RNA in an injectable form $79 

PDRN(Polydeoxyribonucleotide) meso solution vials for hair recovery and anti-aging EMAIL

50 ml hyaluronic acid filler for body shaping $390

Princess® HAPPY LIFT FREE FLOATING 23 cm x 6 facelift $780 intro pricing


NEW: ELLANSÉ line of long duration dermal fillers available! 

NEW: Silhouette Soft PLLA reabsorbable threads for facelifting lasting 18 months $1800

NEW: Bocouture by Merz, the strongest botulinum toxin on the market, $155 per 50 IU (equal to 150 IU from other brands)

NEW: Collagenase 50 IU/ml cellulite treatment $129 box of 5×10 ml

NEW: dutasteride mesotherapy solution against hair loss 10 ml vials $40

NEW: NSI-189 research substance for major depressive disorder 5 grams $290 EMAIL


Actovegin calf blood extract tablets x60 $65 for dementia, cerebral disorders, memory

aphrodisiac peptide for sexual arousal, for men and women Bremelanotide PT141 10 mg $28

Artesunate 60 mg injection antimalarial – anticancer

Synocrom by Croma 1% hyaluronic acid prefilled 20 mg/2ml viscosupplementation joint arthritis $38

Zeel comp rheumatoid arthritis osteoarthritis recovery amp 10×2 ml $32

Heel Krebs cycle catalysts 10x 1,1 ml ampoules box for athletic performance and metabolism $28

Laboratory Centrifuge for PRP preparation $220

540 needles titanium pro derma roller 0.75 mm $25

Lumigan latisse bimatoprost 0.03% 3 ml bottle eyelash, hair growth, glaucoma

Cavinton forte 5 mg x30 vipocetine tabs $14

Trental (Chinotal) 400 mg pentoxyfilline circulatory aid, blood thinner x30 $20

BD microlance mesotherapy needles 30gx0,5 inch 10 pieces $2

AET 2% polidocanol (Asklerol, Asclera) spider vein sclerotizing agent 2×2 ml $40

MesoVIP mechanical mesotherapy gun $420 with GIFT ampoules
Action Face hyaluronic peptide complex 2 ml  $6 (argireline botox-like effect,amino acids,minerals,vitamins,etc)
Professional LIPODISSOLVE kit (PDF manual, 4×5 ml lipostabil, 2x 5ml l-carnitine, 1x 5ml organic silicium, 1x 5ml pentoxyfilline, 1x 5 ml vitamin C $49
Egis lidocain cream 5% 50 g tube $10 local anaesthetic for tattooing, mesotherapy
Actovegin 20% 20g tube gel (eye, wound, ulcer treatment, skin anti-aging) $20
Sikapur silicium gel 50 ml $29 skin smoother, wrinkle and scar treatment
Procaine 2% 2 ml $2.50

Ubichinon q10 coenzyme injection 1 ml $2.50 each
Chinotal Pentoxyfilline 5 ml amps $3
Gerovital h3 original from Dr. Asla Asan, Romania 5×5 ml $40
PLACENTEX 20 ml placenta extract for external use (hairloss treatment, skin rejuvenation) $18
Cavinton (vinpocetine) 2 ml amp $5 brain activator, tissue oxygenation

FRESENIUS KABI L-ARGININE-HCL 21,07% Amp 10 ml $16 (enhance microcirculation, boost natural GH production, treat erectyle dysfunction)
Sanuvis 2ml amp $4 L (+) Lactic acid is used to increase mitochondrial respiration, decrease lactic acid (-) build-up in the muscles and lower blood pH.

Traumeel 2.2 ml (belladonna, arnica, St. Johns wort, Echinacea etc) $4 treat muscle strains, tears, pains

MVI multivitamin IV infusion B complex with vit C and oil-soluble A,D,E vitamins $12 10 ml
Dermaroller micro needle roller $14
Phosphaditylcholine 5% (lipostabil, PCDC) 5 ml $5
Biomo-Lipon/Thiogamma (alfa lipoic acid inj) 24 ml 600 mg $20
Thym-Uvocal plus caps x30 thymus extract general well being $29
Curcuma longa 1 ml amp (AMPK activator, anti-inflammatory, iron chelator) $2.80
HV Lifting hialuronic acid, vitamins, aminos 2 ml $5.50
IT Artichoke 5% 5 ml $4
IT L-Carnitine l-carnitine 10% 5 ml $4
IT Organic silicium 1% 5 ml $4
IT Lipofase 2 ml $3
IT Liposintrol anti-cellulite formula 2 ml $3
Minoxidil 5% 60 ml bottle for male hair loss $17
IT Cumarin cumarin, melilot, centella, E vit, troxerutin 2 ml $3.50
Aziderm 20% azelaic acid cream 15 g $20
Retino-A 0.05% tretinoin cream 20 g $20
Aloe vera extract amp 1 ml $1.50
Biomedica TAD 600 GSH glutathione (or Tationil) lyophilized for inj $14 /600 mg
Trental amp Pentoxyfilline 15 ml $10
Nootropil infusion piracetam 3g 15 ml $9
Nootropil 1200 mg tabs x60 $18
Eldervit 12 b complex+vit c inj 2×1 ml $4
Rotexmedica Vitamin-C 500 mg/5 ml $3
Beplex forte B-complex Lipotropic 10+1 ml $10
Prilox cream lidocaine+prilocaine 5 g cream $14
Cafeina 20% 20% caffeine 2 ml $3
Liposin $2.50
Aminophylline amp aminophylline 10 ml $8
Hynidase hyaluronidase 1500 IU $14
Placentrex inj human placenta extract 2ml $8
Placentrex gel human placenta extract gel 20 g $28
Placentrex lotion DNA, RNA, tyrosides 60 ml $25

Heel Ubichinon compositum
Heel Coenzyme compositum
Heel Kreb’s cycle comp
Heel Phosphorus amps
Heel ATP injeele forte
Heel Lymphomyosot 2.2 ml (levothyroxin, fumaria, etc) $3
Heel Selenium amp
Heel Echinacea compositum 2.2 ml $3
Infi-Echinacea 5 ml $4.50
HEWETHYREON N (Hevert Germany) 2 ml $3 homeopathic thyroid support
INFIHEPAN Injektion N 5 ml $6 b12,b3,cynara,arnica,belladonna,achillea,rutin,etc
ECHINAJECT Syxyl Amp 2 ml $3
Relivora komplex (drosera,echinacea, juglans)

ANTI-HAIRLOSS: finasteride, dutasteride, placenta extract, IGF-1, thymosin beta 4, stem cell extract



Love this seller.++++


Hi there are several items listed in your catalogue list that I can’t find in the menu – like Artusenate injection anti -cancer& anti- malarial, Bocouture by Merz Botox like product, human adipose tissue stem cell syringe? I would like to purchase all those products but can’t find the add to cart link. You can add them to my cart or email me further instructions. This site is Absolutely Fantastic- I am very excited about ordering some new products! thanks, Deborah Huhem


Please contact us at superhumangear@gmail.com for product specific questions. The Bocouture is in the webshop catalog, if you do a search on the left hand side, it will appear.

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