Mitochondrially derived peptides as novel regulators of metabolism


Mitochondrially derived peptides represent a new class of circulating signalling molecules. Humanin, the first member of this class, has been shown to have several metabolic effects such as reducing weight gain and visceral fat and increasing glucose-stimulated insulin release. The discovery of several other new members, such as MOTS-c and SHLP1-6, has further added to this group. These new peptides have also been found to affect metabolism with MOTS-c potently decreasing weight gain in mice on a high-fat diet. This review covers the basic biology of this class of peptides and discusses the relevance to organismal metabolism.


insulin; metabolism; mitochondria; neuroendocrine; oxidative metabolism

PMID: 28574175
PMCID: PMC5663826
DOI 10.1113/JP274472

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