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What makes us different or better than other similar online stores?

First of all, we have a very special product range that contains a special selection of goods that really help the quality of life. We don't add products to our inventory just because we got a good deal on the stock or we can earn big on it - but because it is a good product that is proven and something special. Every product you see on our website has scientific literature behind it. We have attached the relevant articles in our blog, so you can read them for yourself and make a decision – whether it could help you or not. We are aware that in the "rat-racing" world today, literally no one will provide valuable information for free. WE DO. We educate our customers on the products we offer, we maintain a scientific blog that has almost 200 articles so far and thousands of visitors weekly. We answer all of your questions regarding the products and we help you get the most benefit of them.

How can I pay my order?

We accept credit and debit cards at checkout or under "about" /secure payment form page, Paypal (upon special request) bank wire (per IBAN or USA ACH) and Western Union/Moneygram. At checkout, make sure to click on "submit data" under the credit card form, and then click "PLACE ORDER".

How soon do I get my order?

First of all, you need to see if the item is in stock or if it shows "back order". In case of back order it might take 5-6 days before we can ship the item out. Most of the items ship from London, UK via Royal Mail, some items like the peptides and research substances ship from the US. You will get the items in about 6-8 working days after shipment, this transit time is also affected by your country's customs. We confirm the shipment of goods by tracking number, which is added as a private note to your order details, you can track it yourself. DISCLAIMER: We cannot be held responsible for any shipment that for whatever reason gets stuck at your country's customs. If you have doubts, always inform yourself first whether the item you are about to buy is allowed to import to your country.

I cannot go through the checkout process, what do I do?

The main currency of the store is US dollars, however our payment gateway must receive British Pounds, therefore we implemented a currency switcher. US customers will see USD as default currency but they must switch currency to GBP before check out. This does not alter the value of the order. IF YOUR PAYMENT GOT DECLINED: this happens in some cases with Visa and Mastercards that have an online purchase protection. You will have to tell your bank that you authorize the charge. (remember, it is in pound sterling) If you got stuck for whatever reason at an point, you can always send us your order via email and we will definitely get back to you. Contact us at superhumangear@gmail.com



How can I make a PayPal payment


We don’t accept Paypal.

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