We strongly encourage Bitcoin use and we have added a 5% off coupon for Bitcoin payments. Use: BITCOIN5 at checkout.

Just look at the price chart of Bitcoin, soaring to almost 5000 dollars from about 250 a year ago!


As of 1st September, the payment processor we have worked with, stopped providing service. This left us without a card processing solution, so until further notice, the working payment methods are: Bitcoin, bank wire, USA ACH, Moneygram or Western Union. We know we will lose significant business, but

Now we are processing cards with a third party processor, but in most cases you have to confirm the transaction at a secure link out of our domain, this is for your own security and also to further reduce fraud.

We do still accept bank wire, (via IBAN in Europe, or electronic-ACH in the USA) and Bitcoin of course. As always, returning customers whose trust we have already gained, can pay with Western Union or Moneygram.

IMPORTANT information to all of our US partners regarding tracking: since late 2015, it came to our understanding that this is due to tightened security measures that can relate to the Paris attacks. USPS tracking system for the shipments also don’t work, as the US stopped sharing information with the EU. Please be aware that shipping times are longer than before. This is beyond us, we cannot promise the formerly expected 8 business days delivery until this issue is resolved. Thanks for understanding.

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